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an infrographic about internet bots


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop


This is an infographic I created highlighting the problem of internet bots spreading fake news. I tried to use LATCH and Inverted Pyramid to organize the information digestively and in a storytelling fashion.


Graph Sketches

This was part one of my ideation phase. First, I made 26 sketches of different graphs to represent the data.

sketches of graphs

Layout Sketches

This was part two of my ideation phase. I came up 26 different styles of layout to best fit the graphs and data.

sketches of layouts

Rough Draft

This was the rough draft for the final design. After some feedback, I made a few major changes. First, I changed the orientation for portrait to landscape to better fit the multiple graphs. Second, I made the background less busy so that there could be emphasize on the content. Lastly, I changed the title so that it was more clear about the focus of the infographic.

a rough draft of an infrographic about internet bots